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Ansuz, Aavik, Børresen and Axxess is founded by Lars Kristensen and Michael Børresen. These four brands share a common DNA and audio philosophy that has evolved from many years of collaboration. At the end of 2020, Audio Group Denmark was established acting as the umbrella company for all four brands.

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Thirteen Audio+Art is an experience, a monument to life in high fidelity. It’s the manifestation of an idea. It’s a space where audio and art are combined to create an experience that transports you to a world where you can lose yourself in the sublime. Thirteen offers a unique experience and has become a destination for any true audiophile and art lover. From the moment you arrive it’s obvious that you are about to enter something out of the ordinary.

The moment you enter our showroom everything begins to make sense.  The room is home to a number of high end stereo systems from manufactures like Odeon Audio, Unison Research and Gryphon Audio among others. Here analogue and digital audio are combined seamlessly to create a hi-fi experience that is truly enhanced by the luxurious setting. With a selection of the finest turntables, stereo amplifiers and loudspeakers, set inside an extraordinary art collection, it becomes immediately apparent that Thirteen is more than a gallery or a show room; it’s the epitome of art and audio.


With the selection and range of our Hi-Fi brands, we have limited ourselves to the labels and technologies which we personally consider the best on the market. If – like us – someone pursues the high standard of only offering the “best” to your customers – the choices are obviously limited – because there will only be one best transistor – or tube amplifier; there will only be one speaker, etc. This – without question – very personal selection can be done for a further 2 or maximum 3 price ranges – but the range on offer stays (as intended) very manageable.

So we have chosen specific manufacturers in the higher to highest price ranges, offering the the highest quality and sound experience available. And this is why Thirteen is not a regular Hi-Fi studio. There is no selection of 100 in a 1000 different manufacturers. We spent the last 35 years in this world and want to spare you and myself from this. So we do not offer something for everyone! That goes for the art as well as for the music!

With Thirteen we have drawn on our own personal opinions and enthusiasm for technology and design to address vivid lovers of music – people who are open to surprises and are willing to be carried away by good music and brilliant sound.





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    Achim is a legend and is always a great host. Awesome quality sound!