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The REGA Planar 10 announced (Pictures)

Rega has announced its new Planar 10 turntable. Widely anticipated, the new top of the range Rega draws on the mythical Naiad, bringing changes and improvements to the already excellent RP10 turntable.

The table comes with several new exciting components: the new RB3000 arm and factory fitted Apheta 3 cartridge. Other differences include a new ceramic platter and brace and a new motor mounting technique drawn directly from the Naiad. Like all REGA’s higher end turntables the Planar 10 comes with a hand tuned, matched power supply in its updated casework to matching other reference components.

The first units should be arriving in South Africa around December 2019 and will be on demo at the Loft in Cape Town and at selected dealers across the country.

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