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Transfiguration Phoenix S Cartridge MC

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The Transfiguration Phoenix reveals the music in your record grooves with a pure, liquid, utterly transparent sound, as free from artificiality as mountain spring water.

Like all Transfiguration designs, the Phoenix incorporates an ultra-tight magnet coil coupling. The coils aren’t merely close; they’re literally inside the ring magnet, with coil-magnetic proximity of only a few thousandths of an inch. With dynamic mass minimised and coil saturation eliminated, Transfiguration cartridges maintain extremely fast and accurate response to groove movements.

The Temper features a boron cantilever, newly developed for a natural sound, a low-mass Ogura PA stylus tip, and pure silver coils.


  • body: aluminium, resonance controlled
  • cantilever: boron
  • stylus: ogura PA (3 x 30µm) solid diamond
  • core/coils:  hi grade permalloy square core with 5N silver coils.
  • magnet: neodymium – both front and rear.
  • weight: 7.8g
  • output voltage: 0.4mV (3.54cm/s, 1kHz)
  • internal impedance: 4 ohms
  • frequency response: 10Hz – 20kHz +1.5dB – 20kHz – 40kHz +2dB
  • channel separation: > 27dB (200Hz – 1kHz)
  • channel balance: < 0.5dB at 1kHz
  • tracking ability: >70µm at tracking force 2.0g at 315Hz
  • dynamic compliance: 12 x 10-6 cm/dyne
  • recommended loading: >7 ohms
  • recommend’ tracking force:  2.0 g
  • optimum working temp’: 23º celsius
  • break in period:30 hours