Gyphon Legato Legacy Phono

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The Legato legacy is quite simple a work of art. So often the term is used to describe hi-fi component, very seldom does it ring true. Simply looking at this phonostage gives little indication as to the deep commitment to reproducing audio in the cleanest manner possible. However, when you begin to plug in the two included power cables, when you first plug in the RCA’s cables from your turntable, that instant you switch it on, you know that you are about to experience something sublime, something that is often aimed for, but hardly reached.


The Legato Legacy is the best phonostage we at 13 have ever had the privilege of listening to. It is utterly uncompromising in every single respect and a true high end audiophile component with no peers.


  • MM or MC input
  • Selectable MC input impedance from 10 Ohm to 47 kOhm
  • Fully balanced circuit, a Gryphon phonostage innovation as early as 1994
  • Dual mono external power supplies
  • DC coupling
  • AC mains filtering
  • Fully sealed double-sided mil spec PC boards
  • Zero negative feedback
  • Short signal path with no internal wiring
  • Available as stand-alone unit or as integrated modules in┬áthe Gryphon Pandora and the Gryphon Sonata-Allegro preamplifiers.



Mono and Stereo



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