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Clearaudio Talisman V2 Gold MC Cartridge

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The legendary combination of a rigid boron cantilever and Micro HD diamond stylus extract even the finest details stored in the record’s groove both effortlessly and meticulously to deliver an unprecedented performance.

The 10.8-gram hand-polished ebony body not only impresses with its discreet elegance, but also contributes to the clear, captivating sound of this cartridge by perfectly suppressing resonances.


Stylus Shape     

Micro HD



Coil Assembly

Absolutely symmetrical design

Coil Material

24-Karat gold


15/15 μ/mN

Rec. Tracking Force        

2.8 g

Channel Separation       

> 30 dB

Channel Difference       

< 0.5 dB

Output Voltage               

0.5 mV at 5 cm/s

Cartridge Impedance    

50 Ohm

Cartridge Body 

Hand polished ebony wood with metal alloy internal resonance damping

Total Weight    

10.8 gram


2 years*

* Only if the Manufacturer’s guarantee card is filled out correctly and sent back within 2 weeks to Clearaudio.