Odeon Fidelio

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The Odeon Fidelio is a compact two-way floor standing horn speaker. With a high sensitivity and a bottom mounted bass reflect port its perfect for listening who want detail and great frequency response in smaller spaces.


This little speaker with classic two-way mounting stunned by his adult playing any kind of music and exceptional dynamics.
Through the double reflex system in the bottom of the bass speaker is optimally coupled to the listening room. A fast bass reproduction without drone is the result.

The 6.5-inch woofers Scanspeak is to make its lightweight and yet stiff membrane capable of even the smallest differences in volume and details audible. The tweeter, a 25 mm dome Audax in 6.5 inch spherical horn is coupled through the crossover with selected components at 2200 hz to the midrange driver. The special filter the enormous speed of the systems is maintained and add both systems to a tonal and time correct whole.


system 25 mm fabric dome tweeter
in 17 cm spherical wave horn;
17 cm woofer-midrange
with coated paper cone
principle 2-way bass reflex
crossover frequency 2,200 hz
Frequency response +/- 3 db 40-21000 hz
impedance 8 Ohm
sensitivity 90 db
Dimensions (HxWxD) 102 cm x 19 cm x 24 cm
Weight / Unit 17.5 kg

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