No. 32/3

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The No.32 – uncompromising top technology. The all-rounder with skulpturhaftem design.
In the deliverable since 2014 third generation your qualities through highly developed in detail are again a step towards increased was “live music experience.” This speaker system makes listening to music an emotional experience.


Modular housing with decoupling the bass unit and the Mittlelhochtonsystems.
Bass unit adaptable to the space. Asymmetric housing geometry in order to avoid standing waves and resonances. In Bass a 33 cm woofer with 70 mm voice coil and vented 200 mm magnet system is used.
In the midrange a 13 cm HDA midrange uses microfiber membrane in a 50 cm large spherical horn.
In the treble is a 1 inch compression driver, with extremely strong magnetic system and partially damped mylar diaphragm, in conjunction with a 20 cm spherical wave horn.
the systems operate in a dual-chamber housing with integrated resonator to reduce the fundamental resonance.

“Axel Gersdorff masterpiece can compete with the best conventional transducers. And the horn typical dynamics are on top it. “


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