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Gryphon Audio Pendragon Loudspeaker System (Demo)

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The Gryphon Pendragon is a four column speaker system with a woofer tower consisting of eight 8″ drivers in a heroically heavy cabinet, and a separate midrange/tweeter panel consisting of a two meter tall, full-range ribbon used as a midrange driver and four air motion tweeters operating from 18 kHz to 40 kHz. Flemming says the tweeters provide frequency extension, openness and “air.” The cone drivers in the woofer tower are custom made for Gryphon to Flemming’s specifications and are powered by a Gryphon Class AB 1,000 watt continuous/4,000 watt peak amplifier designed specifically for this purpose.




Mono and Stereo


Gryphon Pendragon Brochure 


  • Three-way four-piece loudspeaker system
  • System response 16 – 32,000 Hz, + 3 dB (depending on Q setting and room size)
  • Separate active bass crossover network for each channel isolated in bass tower
  • Four dipolar AMT (Air Motion Transformer) super-tweeters per channel in vertical array
  • Wideband, dipolar thin-film planar magnetic, line source ribbon driver
  • Linear, push-pull ceramic magnet system
  • Reinforced, low-diffraction open baffle
  • Custom designed Gryphon Class A/B bass tower amplifiers, 1000W continuous, 4000W peak
  • Eight 8” bass drivers per channel for extreme speed and precision with massive air displacement
  • Suspended, dampened passive x-over for midrange and tweeter towers.
  • Triple-magnet bass driver motor system for maximum force and precise focus
  • Sealed bass enclosures with extensive internal bracing
  • Combination of pure wool and synthetic interior damping materials
  • Remote control for Q setting, Bass Level and Low Cut
  • Integrated Linkwitz-Greiner Q Controller with preset and custom Q settings for ideal low frequency integration in any room
  • Gryphon internal wiring
  • Power consumption at idle below latest EU requirements
  • L link remote start up circuitry
  • Non-invasive protection system
  • Stylish string grille for driver protection
  • Designed and built in Denmark