It is no secret that vinyl has always been the go to format for us at 13hof. Like many of you, we appreciate the process of putting a record on. Dropping the needle and rushing back to the couch: it’s a ritual that has very much become a part of our music listening process. But the future marches on and we finally have a great reason to embrace digital. But before we get into that we need to talk about the brand behind our shift.   It would be easy to say that Brinkmann Audio is not your everyday hi-fi brand. At the high end, standing out becomes essential and if you look at our range of products you can see this drive to be unique and innovative everywhere you look.   So, what is special about Brinkmann Audio then? Just looking at any product from the German hi-fi maker should give you some idea. The large (functional) tempered glass panels showing off the internals have become iconic. It’s a bold move that shows a confidence in their design that goes beyond just the sound. Personally we love the idea, it draws you into the product itself, exposes the thinking of the manufacturer in a manner that spreadsheets with specs just can’t do.   And this brings us to their philosophy. Looking at the products it’s obvious that the design and engineering is front and centre. Helmut Brinkmann, the man behind the brand, is well known for being deeply concerned with the smallest details and it’s this attention to detail, coupled with uncompromising mechanical engineering, that really defines what Brinkmann Audio is about. It is this approach that has translated into a range of products that are known for their accuracy and their unrivalled ability to reproduce source material as precisely as possible.   Now, imagine this same philosophy, one that has helped Brinkmann create some of the best turntables and amplifiers on the planet, being applied to digital audio. It’s exactly what we were waiting for, and now it’s here in the Nyquist.   The Nyquist, in many ways, embodies everything that makes Brinkmann special. It uses the same unique design, has a valve output stage and certainly is completely uncompromising down to the smallest component. Every single stage in the Nyquists power and signal path are of the highest quality, something that becomes apparent the moment you first hear it. For us it’s been a revelation, a component of such quality, so carefully designed and considered that it offers a real and compelling alternative to analogue. In fact, it’s easy to use, and its sound is so enticing you might find it bringing music to the loft more often than some of our other favourite components.   The Nyquist truly conforms to our idea of what hi end audio should be, its an unforgettable experience, one we would love to share with you.