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Avantgarde Acoustic

First up we have the new Zero One XD and Zero TA. The Zero one loudspeakers need very little introduction. The Zero TA XD offers the same incredible performance as the One XD, but with the option of using your own integrated or pre/power to drive the system. Also from Avantgarde Acoustic we have the updated and refreshed UNO XD in black with Stealth Nocturne Grey horn and the Duo Mezzo XD in Tiger Rosewood and Vivid black horns.


From Brinkmann expect the new Integrated, a set of mono amplifiers and the new streamer/DAC the Nyquist.

Gryphon Audio

From Gryphon the complete range of critically acclaimed Diablo integrated amplifiers (the 120 and 300) will grace our showroom. We are also expecting one of the words finest phonostages in the form of the Legato Legacy Phono (the perfect match for the mighty Clear Audio Statement). Check the review out here.


Also arriving in October is our shipment of REGA’s latest product lineup including established favorites like the P1, P2, P3 and P8, as well as the new and much anticipated P6 turntable. The lineup will be completed with the Apollo R, Brio R, Aria R and the fantastic looking little Phono Pre.


Finally if you can’t wait for our latest shipment the full range of NuPrime’s products is available right now on 13Direct – details here: Link

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