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Meet the The Gryphon Audio Diablo 120

Integrated amplifiers make home stereo simple. With a single box, often with a built in phonostage, it’s easy to plug all your components in, wire up the speakers and be playing music within minutes. The simplicity also brings limitations. By separating stages into a preamplifier and power amp system, with external source components theoretically a higher level of audio fidelity can be achieved.

Sometimes however, even integrated amplifiers are able to offer something breathtaking. Gryphon Audio achieved this with the spectacular Diablo 300. This amplifier takes the power and finesse of a separate component system and put it into a single box. The added DAC and Phonostage similarly brought the technology and subtlety of Gryphons stand alone counterparts.

Gryphon’s latest integrated amplifier the Diablo 120 continues in the traditions of the Diablo 300. Critically there is no compromise in sound quality. The Diablo 120 offers the same incredible package at 120w per channel rather than the generous 300w per channel of its bigger brother.

Gryphon Diablo 120 conveys music with unusual poise and exceptional subtlety and definition. Lightning reflexes combine with harmonic richness, articulation and refinement to create a lush whole that is very comfortable to listen to over extended periods even at realistic levels.”
The Diablo 120 releases internationally in February 2017. A demo model will be on it’s way to South Africa shortly thereafter. For more information on the Diablo 120, or for information on booking a demo with any of our products please contact us here.


True Dual Mono configuration

Zero negative feedback

Microprocessor-controlled 46-step relay volume attenuator for best sonic performance featuring only up to 6 resistors in series with signal at all levels

Optional phonostage MM/MC module

Optional DAC PCM/DSD module with one USB, 1 BNC S/PDIF, 1 AES/EBU and 1 optical input

Digital formats. USB: PCM: 44.1kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 9 6kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz, 352.8 kHz and 384 kHz up to 32-bit.

USB: DSD (DoP); DSD64 (2.822 MHz, 3.072 MHz), DSD128 (5.644 MHz, 6.144 MHz).

USB Native DSD: DSD256* (11.2896 MHz) and DSD512* (22.5792 MHz) (currently, DSD256 and DSD512 only on Windows OS)
BNC S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital inputs: up to 192 kHz/32-bit
TOSLink: up to 96 kHz/24-bit
One optional module can be installed at time of purchase or later, either phonostage or DAC

Two to four-layer printed circuit boards up to 70µm copper

Dual Mono Holmgren toroidal transformer

PCB-mounted sockets eliminate wiring and shorten signal path

Gold-plated Swiss Neutric XLR sockets for one balanced source

Gold-plated phono sockets with Teflon insulation for four inputs and one Tape output
Fixed-level AV throughput for uncompromising integration with surround preamplifier

Graphical Vacuum Fluorescent Display with larger font for improved legibility

Adjustable display intensity (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, Off)

12VDC link input and output

Flash memory upgrades via Key-Fob

Infrared remote control

Technical Specifications
2 x 120 W @ 8Ω, 2 x 240 W @ 4Ω, 2 x 440 W @ 2Ω

Output impedance: 0.030Ω
Bandwidth (-3 dB): 0.1 Hz to 250 kHz

Power Supply Capacity: 2 x 60,000 µF

Gain: +38 dB

Input Impedance, balanced (20-20,000 Hz): 20 kΩ

Input Impedance, single-ended (20-20,000 Hz): 8 kΩ