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Transfiguration 255In many audiophile circles there has been a fierce debate around which component in a system is the most important when it comes to sound reproduction. From amplification to speakers, and even in some far out instances, power cables. Everything comes under the spotlight. At 13hof we consider every component as being essential to creating lifelike sound. Our philosophy starts where the music does, the source components themselves. Getting the most out of a record required a combination of factors that need to work in harmony, all of which ultimately allow the cartridge itself to do it job as well as possible.


Naturally musical Cartridges that are works of art.


13hof is proud to announce that we have been selected to be the official dealers of Transfiguration Cartridges. Seiji Yoshioka’s designs capture the essence of premium analogue playback.  His designs are able to draw out the deep emotion and musicality of analogue playback and in every respect his cartridges can be considered works of art themselves.

Phoenix Diagram 01

Transfiguration Cartridges use an innovative set of ringed magnets. The coil system and cantilever are suspended inside this magnetic field. This allows for greater control in the distance between the coils and the magnets, allowing for better retrieval of subtle details within a recording. The coils themselves are wound with 5N Silver to further increase transparency and natural detail.



Detail of the ring magnet system used in Transfiguration Cartridges.


“Mr Seiji Yoshioka uses mature as his reference palette, capturing emotion and skillfully blending the musical landscape, in order to release the potential of the recorded material through these 3 wonderfully individual works of art.”


13hof will be offering the full range of Transfiguration cartridges, the Proteus, the Phoenix and the Axia. We are currently working on pricing, in the meantime sign up to our Early Bird Newsletter and be the first to get news of our special introductory offer on these exceptional cartridges.


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