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Many of us treat our music collections as extensions of our own biography. Which is why what  you play says a considerable amount about you. What you play also says something important about your sound system.  In the first of a series of blogs about the perfect set list we asked our resident audio journalist, Joel Kopping what his ultimate playlist would be.

I’ve been asked on a number of occasions what music I play during a demo.

The truth is that I have no set playlist and what I play depends on the demo a number of factors and these include the format -Vinyl, CD, or digital files off my laptop- the client and to a large degree, my mood.

For me, the most important aspect of any demo is that I enjoy the music I’m playing. I hope that my customers like the music too and hopefully I play something that they enjoy and even something they haven’t heard before. I love hearing new music and broadening my musical tastes and experiences.

Sometimes, and this is going to sound strange coming from a company that deals in some seriously high end gear, the recording quality comes secondary to the music. Good music and musicianship has the ability to transcend the gear its played on, the format, limitations of recording technology or any other biases we have. I have to admit though that here are a few amongst our fold who don’t really listen to music but the gear and these people don’t know how much they’re missing out.

But I digress as this is supposed to be about what music I play and something interesting happened during a demo a few days ago. I managed to get through virtually a whole demo without leaving South Africa.

What do I mean by this?

Simple almost every artist or band either hails from our shores, or the music was recorded here.

In no particular order this is who we listened to and the album name.

Vusi Mahlasela: Sing to the People

He’s a poet, guitarist and a vocalist and if you haven’t heard Mahlasela before you must.

Zahara: Phendula

I prefer this, her first album ( I think it’s her first but I could be wrong) to her second but Zahara has a great voice so she gets a play quite often.

Cindy Alter: Faith and Fire

I like Cindy Alter and she’s one of my daughters heroes. I find Faith and Fire gritty and honest. When I want to hear something a little different, Clout and Alter Irving Band get listened to too.

Abdulla Ibrahim: Mukashi

This is one of Ibrahims new releases and it weaves a story that is laid bare and evokes images from the east.

Carlo Mombelli and the Prisoners of Strange: Bats in the Belfry.

He’s a great bassist, what more do you need to know.

Dear Reader : Rivonia

OK, this was recorded in Germany, but Cherilyn McNeil does hail from Joburg. Great voice and good music.

Desmond and the Tutus: Mnusic

Because I could

Hugh Masakela: Hope.

If you haven’t heard Stimela (The Coal Train) you’re missing out on something special.

On any other day and any other client my play list would have been different, but on that day, highlighting just some of our great local artists and bands felt right.

 Joel Kopping

Have you heard the tracks on Joel’s setlist? What do you think? Which songs/albums do you think are perfect to demo you system, and say a little something about yourself? Please share in the comments.

Joel_Kopping Joel Kopping spent many years building and judging the countries best car audio systems, after which he spent some time writing for AVSA. Now days he spends his time spinning his favorite music on a Well Tempered turntable hooked up to a serious set of Avantgarde Acoustic speakers. Stay tuned for more posts from Joel and the rest of the 13hof team.

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