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On a recent visit to Canada to attend a family function I took the opportunity to meet with Bernard Li, the man behind Charisma Audio.


Charisma Audio – proudly distributed by Thirteen Hof-  is a manufacturer of audio cartridges that have gained world wide acclaim for the quality, value and sound of their cartridges.


Their cartridges have become my go to brand when I try out one of the turntables in our line up, and each time I listen to one I’m captured by the emotion that flows from them.


Emotion is an apt word to use as when chatting to Bernard about his cartridges, it became clear to me that this is high on his design ethos. He voices his cartridges to deliver a musical experience that delivers all the emotion that is contained within the grooves of a record.


Emotion and delivering musicality is at the heart of Thirteen Hof and it is something we strive for when choosing products that we sell. Knowing this it was heartening to me that our conversations throughout the many courses of a lunch, always returned to the love of music and how it makes us feel.


Where some designers love to espouse technical jargon and use this as proof of their products superiority, our conversation never really went this way. It simply wasn’t necessary as Charisma Audio cartridges, while being technically superb, like their designer have music at their heart and this is heard each time you listen to one.


I would like to thank Bernard Li, his wife and my brother in law who joined us, for the time we spent together.

Joel Kopping


Joel is currently running a Charisma MC-1 on a Well Tempered turntable. Get more information, specs and reviews on Charisma Audio’s range of cartridges here.

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