Brinkmann Audio ‘best in show’ at RMAF

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With so many boutique audio manufacturers fighting to differentiate themselves it’s easy to get lost trying to find something truly exceptional. Brinkmann Audio is exceptional, and stands out for all the right reasons. This is largely due to Helmut Brinkmann’s unconventional approach to building hi-fi components, with an attention to detail that is nothing short of breathtaking.

Listening to the sound of tiny screws is a vital part of Helmut Brinkmann’s daily routine. “





Helmut Brinkmann’s emphasis on getting every small component right, while reducing the number of components to only those that are needed to enhance a devices function has allowed Brinkmann Audio to create a range of products that are striking in their ability to create the perfect audio illusion. Evidence of this passion and drive for perfection is easily visible in Helmuts work, many of the component have clear windows, giving a glimpse into the beautiful interiors of his products. In many respects these exposed internals are evidence of a confidence in the expert engineering, but also an acknowledgement of the art embodied in a well designed and beautifully hand crafted audio component.


““High Fidelity” is a perfect illusion and High Fidelity remains our ultimate goal”


intergratedEvidence of Brinkmann’s growing success is clear when looking at recent press releases from the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RAMF). Brinkmann components where included in the TAS “Best of Show” review, the “Five Most Significant Systems by Greg Weaver with a host of other great press here, here and here.

Visit the official Brinkmann Audio website here. I you are interesting in hearing Brinkmann Audio components please contact us and we will arrange a demo for you – contact us here.

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