Odeon Comes to 13hof

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Odeon loudspeakers take an unconventional approach with their designs and manufacture. Looking like modern works of art it is immediately apparent that Odeon has produced something that is not only unique, but on closer inspection incredible audio component. 13hof will initially be bringing in the Fidelo, Nova and Tosca floorstanding speakers.


The Fidelo is the entry level floorstander from Odeon. It features a 17cm spherical wave horn with a 25mm tweeter and 17cm woofer. It has a 90db sensitivity and frequency range of 40-21000hz.


The Nova is a beautifully constructed floorstander. Like the Fidelo is features a 1″ compression driver with a 17cm spherical horn and 17cm woofer. It has as sensitivity of 91db and a frequency range of 39-21000hz.


The Tosa is a 2 way horn speaker with a 1″ compression driver in an 18cm spherical wave horn and two 18cm bass/midrange drivers. It has a senstivity of 93db and frequency range of 30-21000hz.

For more information on Odeon loudspekers please send contact us and make sure you have signed up to our Early Bird Program to receive early access at a great price.

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